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Mule Train
A History of
Mules Football Helmets 1957 - 2003
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This collection of mini helmets depicts CMSU Mules football helmets spanning the period from the fall of 1957, my freshman year in college, to the present. The first college game I ever saw was at the 'Burg, in '57.  The Mules versus the Lincoln Blue Tigers. The Mules were swamped by Lincoln's team speed.  The Mules' gridiron success and the 'design' of its helmets have come a long way since then.

An attempt has been made to replicate the original helmets precisely. The lack of mini helmet sized parts and a lack of color photos, especially of the early years 
covered by the collection, may cause some details to be incorrect or omitted.
Should you see even the slightest error or omission your input would be greatly
appreciated to assist in the effort to attain true authenticity.  If parts  are available to make corrections we will certainly do so.

Out of necessity 'poetic license' is taken with some of the face masks.   Over the 
years face masks have evolved leaving a wide variety of styles and materials. Most
of those have no mini size counterpart with which to make the helmets.  The mask that comes closest to portraying one from a given era will be used.

There are a good many different styles available depicting masks used in recent
years but only a couple representing those worn in the collection's earlier years.   These are the one-bar and two-bar masks, which in one form or another were
extensively used into the mid 70's.  

Shell shape and chin strap style are two other parts where 'poetic license' was 
used due to lack of an exact shape or style not being available.  As the mini
helmet hobby grows more 'throwback' parts may become available.  If and when 
so this collection will be upgraded.

We wish to acknowledge the gracious assistance of the following persons for
their help in getting this collection produced. Dave Smith, CMSU football equip-
ment manager; Vivian Richardson, CMSU library archivist; former Mules Head 
Coach Howard Mahanes; several members of the Virtual Helmet Museum club;
and Charles Arey, whose web site The Helmet Project is a must see if you like
football helmets.  Apologies to anyone overlooked.

When trying to find and produce the original Mules head logo/decal for the 1970-1975 helmet Charles developed the artwork for the decal from a scan of a CMSU cap which had an embroidered rendition of that logo on it.  Coach Mahanes confirmed it to be the logo used at that time and, in fact, his wife made the original drawing.  While it may not be exact in every detail it is very close, especially given the example with which we were working. Since then better examples have been found and will be used in the future.

A search for that particular logo had been going on for several months to no avail
when one day it was noticed, on the above mention cap, hanging on a wall with a
small, but select, collection of baseball style caps.  The logjam was broken and
the collection began to develop.

There is one other logo/decal, used in the late 70's and early 80's, that has been 
somewhat of a comedy of errors and a source of frustration.  It is the Chicago
Bears "Wishbone C" with a floating outline.  The decal maker has sent four
incorrect versions of this decal.  When it is, if ever, done correctly the helmets 
representing those years will be produced.

There is some uncertainty as to which years that particular decal was used.  It
may be that a solid white "Wishbone C" was used for a couple of those years.

Also, shell color is a question to be answered for that period.  Even though color
photos are available there is uncertainty as to whether red/scarlet was used those
five to six years, or if cardinal (a darker red) was used a couple of years.  If you
have verifiable information as to the shell color and decal style used in those years
your input would be appreciated.  Even if it's an opinion.  Multiple 'like' opinions 
would be considered when trying to pin this information down.

To contact us with information on this, or other matters, email by clicking Here or
call 1-877-804-5437 (toll free) 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Pacific Time, Mon - Sat.

Photo Pages (1) (2) (3) (4) 

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